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Columbia United Methodist Church Newsletter

Edition 1
January 2001

A Letter from Our Pastor
Columbia and Mt. Zion United Methodist Churches
From the Pastors Desk
P.O. Box 188, Columbia, Alabama 36319
What happened to Summer? Yes, its hot and humid and no shortage of mosquitoes; but the kids are back in school and plans are being made for Fall and even Winter! How time flies when you are having fun.
Those Methodist are still in the book of Acts every Sunday for maybe 16 more weeks. That early Church was just as busy as we are and time seemed to fly for them as well as us. We are having a good time tracing the early Church history through that first century and learning one very interesting overriding fact. If the Church had not been OF GOD It never would have made it.

Nothing has changed in that regard. God is with the Church today as God was with those first disciples that were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts: 11:26). Who knows what God has in store for the Church and churches of Columbia this Fall and Winter?

We would love for you to come find out with us. Columbia Methodist Sunday School from 9:45AM Sunday Morning followed by Morning Worship Beginning About 11:00AM. Sunday Evening Worship At 7:00PM and Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Prayer service at 7:00PM.
Mt. Zion Sunday Morning Worship at 9:00AM followed by Sunday School and Sunday Evening Worship at 5:30PM. Tuesday Evening Bible study at 7:00PM

The pastor is Rev. David W. Cook and the phone is:
334 696 4210

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A Letter from Our Pastor

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